Why working with us?

Karin Binz

What makes us so special

Experience | Creativity | Problem Sensitivity | Flexibility | Inventiveness

We are listening to the clients wishes and transform them into unique results. Karin Binz is the perfect fit because she is both, an internationally awarded designer and Yacht owner. Like everybody in our team she is a passionate sailor too. Thats why we are very familiar with the challenges of Yacht branding and the offshore requirements.

Due to a wide range of production partners, we find the perfect fit for each requirement both on the high end and the budget level. That’s why we can provide solutions for all kind of  Yacht owners.

Karin Binz awarded designer and Yacht owner

That’s how it works.

Usually a new client gets a quotation based on the request and after approval this is the common procedure:

• Skype call: Client describes the needs, wishes and preferences. We will ask further questions in order to understand the individual requirements. In special cases, a face-to-face meeting is possible.

• Client receives at least three drafts to define the direction. Based on the chosen favourite, the final layout will be finished.

• After approval of the master design, the transformation for the required applications will be designed. For supplies and equipment, we will provide mock-ups.

• Digital data will be provided if a third party is involved, for example for the instricption of the hull.

• If products will be produced, the specifications will be fixed with the client, including a quotation.

• After production the delivery will be handled following the clients wishes.

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Karin Binz

Karin Binz is a gifted and award-winning designer and artist. She has led Design and Advertising Agencies for more than 30 years and she was busy in Berlin, Luxembourg and in the USA. As a passionate sailor she crossed the Atlantic and is currently sailing the Caribbean on a sailing catamaran – fully equipped for all creative requirements.

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Holger Binz

Holger Binz, business economist, has led advertising and marketing agencies for almost 30 years in Germany and Luxembourg. Holger is a passionate sailor and Yacht Owner, currently sailing the Caribbean on a sailing catamaran.